The Message of The Stones: Winds of Time


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Come along on this fantasy adventure with Drew and his closest friends, commissioned by a king to lead the next generation of the gifted, on an incomprehensible journey toward an unimaginable future.

Will Drew find his way through the maze of hidden secrets? What lies buried at the edge of a forbidden strip of land called the Dead Zone? Surrounded by prehistoric predators, Drew is running out of water and time. Ten thousand years of history reexperienced pulls a young man’s heart to find his way leading to his destiny.

The author takes us on a journey through the winds of time, his third book of seven series.
Simpson takes us to another level, involving hairpin turns at every corner. Find the clues hidden by those called the Ancient Ones, now gone in some darker place of the universe, watching and waiting for the future to come, shedding light on those of leadership.

Can you find your way through the winds of time? Is there a light beyond your world leading to the next? Find out those answers in the coming episodes.

B.G. Simpson learned that the best achievements in life are not easy to attain or find without hard work and many hours of searching. From a small boy till now, he’s learned that every journey worth taking involves passion, personal commitment, and vision that pushed him toward his present-day purpose. With an internal drive, he found an imagined connection to those worlds created, giving us these written novels influenced by his life experiences.


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