The Walk through Hell: The true story of one Pastor’s battle with Demonic Possession


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This is a true story about a family’s fight to save their family member from the unknown. The walk through Hell is a real-life journey that will prove that spiritual warfare is real. This story also proves that no matter how strong your Christian beliefs are, you can still fall prey to Evil. This was the case when the author experienced her brother (a Prominent Pastor) suffer at the hands of evil-doers who wished to destroy him. This story will tell how this family’s life is turned upside down as they take extreme measures to save and snatch him back from the Evil that tried to devour him.

Wendy Fuller-Holden, aka Class F. Thomas, is a first-time Author born and raised in a small Louisiana town. She was raised in the home of a Baptist Minister and a devoted Christian Mother. She is the fifth of five children. She credits her strong religious beliefs to her upbringing and personal experiences with God. She is also a Nurse, as well as a singer/songwriter. She hopes her testimony in “The Walk through Hell” will help and encourage others experiencing Demonic attacks.


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