Boost Your Book Sales!


Blogger’s Guild
Enrich your website with content-rich blog content to optimize your site’s search engine visibility and to keep your readers informed about future events.

Google Ads
Evaluate how many people click on your Google advertisement and its linked sites, as well as what they do once they arrive at your website or social media page.

Social media ads
Choose from a variety of channels that may be utilized across many platforms to see which ones perform best for your campaign and which ones quickly improve conversion and revenues.

Professional Book Reviews

  • The US Review of Books
  • BlueInk Review
  • Kirkus Review
  • Pacific Book Review
  • Clarion Review

Print Ads and Publicity

Publicity Campaign
Disseminate a well-written document about your book to various media outlets, which will encourage readers to purchase and review your book.

Publisher’s Weekly
Through Publisher’s Weekly Print Ads, you can reach a large audience in a short period of time. While you wait for results, we promote your book!

New York Times– Magazine Advertisement
Promote your book in the New York Times, both digitally and in print, to reach your target audience. We’ll work with the publisher to get your book advertised quickly.

L.A. Times Print– Magazine Advertisement
Promote your book around the globe with print advertisements in the Los Angeles Times. Everything will be taken care of for your convenience.


Book Video
Take a look at a high-quality book trailer created by our professionals. To increase visibility, you may embed the video on your website or social media channels.

Youtube Marketing
Increase the effectiveness of your book marketing strategy with unskippable YouTube advertising. For your convenience, we’ll build the banners and handle the advertising.

Movie & Hollywood

Treatment Write-up
Enhance your book’s appeal with a fluid cinematic treatment. We’ll promote your novel to a variety of Hollywood agencies and executives.

Screenplay Scripts
Through a thorough script, take a step closer to the big screen. A film treatment is required, and we’ll also handle everything else.

Other Services

Booksellers Returnability Program (National and International)

Feel even more certain that bookshops and bookstores in every part of the globe will accept and distribute your book, as they are free to return unsold book copies.

Promote your website to increase search engine rankings, keep your followers informed, and sell copies of your book straight to visitors.

Amazon Publicity
Promote your book on Amazon and other linked sites and immediately see an increase in conversion rates and sales.

Radio Interview
Have a live interview with one of the top radio presenters to discuss your book and your career as an author.