Empowering Authors Publishing Journey

Hi Frank,

You have been very helpful during this process and always responsive. Thank you, much appreciated!

He is doing a good job.

I appreciate Mr. Frank and Ms. Kim for helping me with the process of my book. I look forward to working with them again for my next project.

We are still early in the process, the book having just gone live. During this time, I have found Frank Costello, project manager, to be cordial, prompt, helpful and responsive to my needs and preferences. He and the team at Aspire have brought the project through to this point efficiently and in timely fashion.
To whom this may concern, I’ve been working with Frank Costello since the beginning of my journey with Aspire Publishing. Frank has been a gentleman and a professional in every meaning of these words. Frank has always and promptly returned my calls and has timely returned my emails. To say that Frank is helpful would be selling him short. Frank has always met my needs, giving me sound advice and delivered on his word. He runs a great team who have brought my dream and my work to life. I am pleased to be a part of what he is doing for authors like myself. I am hoping that Frank will be with aspire for my next ten books and beyond. Sincerely J.A. Ortiz
Sarah Bhati, [projects@aspirebooks.net] set up my web page. Her phone is 619-881-8116. Sarah has been very helpful in January making recent changes and is at hand for new endeavors for my books and our marketing efforts. Best regards, Larry
Dear Miss Sarah, Since I am a “computer illiterate”, please forgive my tardiness with this reply.  Let me sum up your questionnaire by saying you were timely, kind and professional in all of my dealings with your company.  Every suggestion I had was answered, and then some, within days.  You met or exceeded all of my expectations and the finished project was better than it had been by a previous publisher (your company re-published both The Fourth Elijah and Cafe con Leche).  In short, I have few suggestions for your company.  A company is only as good as its employees and you and Ms. Morgan were excellent.   Sincerely, Brent Garzelli
Becoming involved with Aspire Publishing has proven to be an excellent decision for me, as, in finalizing my book for publication, this organization has given me a wealth of knowledge and information about the publishing industry. Frank Costello has worked with me tirelessly and helped to create the confidence and inspiration I feel I needed to give the book, ‘Dreams of Forbidden Love’ a chance to succeed in the literary market. He has proven to be an excellent manager, organizer and a true inspiration!

This review is for Project Manager, Frank Costello at Aspire Publishing. I have worked with him about eight months as two of my books were relicensed, edited and published to complete a final project for possible sale and production. He is an outstanding individual with perceptive integrity, deep concern and compassion in his work to assist authors in fundamental issues for collaborative results that reflect a wealth of experience and expertise. Personally, he consistently demonstrates care with indefatigable energy to follow up with all my questions.

I consider him like an architect for my written work whereas he is involved with all aspects from the planning then the execution of the foundation, framing and finished project! He showcases various aspects and capabilities that promote total collaboration in the publishing world!
Thank you Frank for all that you do!

Sincerely, Janet Perroni
Author of Ava and Ava Again

Yes, I have nothing but positive feedback to give you on how you have handled my projects thus far. You have been super professional, courteous, and timely in every aspect of your work. I appreciate being partnered with you and I especially appreciate the care and concern you showed me with the death that occured in my family in the middle of us trying to get work complete! I look forward to continuing to work with you moving forward!

Hi Frank,

You will never know how much I appreciate you and your team for helping me make my dream being a published author come true. It means a lot to me

Sarah, you did a wonderful job in publishing the two books. They look fabulous. The layouts are fantastic.


I just finished talking with Sean Carter who is taking over being my literary agent.

If you were involved in getting someone to finally contact me for representation, I really appreciate it.

Through your leadership my book, Move Forward in Grace has gone through a transformation from unavailable to rewritten and distributed around the world.

Dear Aspire/ Frank Costello

I just received your email this morning, and I had to address your feedback questions today because I rarely check my email. I would like to say that I love Mr. Frank Costello he has been an inspiration to me during this process. He is an upstanding compassionate man; he does what he says, he is Honest, and he is dedicated and committed to the job. If I don’t understand something Mr. Costello will explain it to me sometimes, he’ll call me back several times until I do understand. It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Costello. He took the time out of his busy schedule to call me for my Birthday, and he call me and wished me and my family Blessings on the holidays. I look forward to working with him in the future. As for Aspire Publishing I must say that I love you guys and I appreciated all that you are doing to help me get my book published. This has been a long-time blessing and prayer for me. Life has been hard and unfair to me; Still, I continue forward because I believe in miracles, and I am a living witness that dreams do come true. I don’t think I could have signed with a better company than Aspire Publishing.

I appreciate your project leadership and consistency. So far, this process has been enlightening and challenging. I’m enjoying this publishing learning experience. I love the content updates.

Thank-you so much for all you’ve done. There beautiful. I was so excited to receive both books. Also, very pleased with all you did make them over even better than they were!!

Very pleased!! God bless you, Sarah Bhati. Love you

My name is Ann Heward and I am the author of Adventures of Sam and Sophie which is about the many adventures and escapades of two dogs and their many friends of the animal kingdom.

I was approached by a representative of Aspire Hub as they felt that my stories fitted in with the publishing side of their business and asked if I would like to be a part of their vision for the future.

Having spent time on the phone with Ed, I felt more than happy to have Aspire prepare, edit and then publish my book, confident that they would do a good job.

To their credit Aspire Hub continued to be extremely helpful throughout the imprint process, keeping me up to date on how the book was proceeding which again filled me with confidence and I could not wait for the finished product.

I am delighted to say that I have not been disappointed. The cover which their team designed was excellent and the layout of the book was just what I had envisaged. Aspire also provided a complete marketing service with an excellent press release which was sent to over 200 different agencies within the USA. They also ensured that the book was readily available through several outlets not only in America and the UK but throughout the globe, in a relative short space of time.

Based on my experience working with Aspire I would not hesitate in recommending them to other budding new authors, safe in the knowledge that they would be well looked after as they readily provide guidance and confidence to the author in what can be an extremely daunting industry to try and break into.

I feel that my book has been given all the help and professionalism that it needs to become a success so a huge thank you to Devin and his team at Aspire Hub LLC

I’m so pleased with my book, thanks to the superior artwork and editing teams at Aspire. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

I wish to express my appreciation of the finished products.

They are great, and very impressive.

Trustworthy Publisher
I am Sheikh Mohammad Kamaludin (Author) In the year 2000 after my retirement, I decided to share my experience and knowledge gained as a married counsellor with the world by writing two books, per-chance this knowledge would be of some benefit to all those people who are experiencing marital issues such as anger problems, Domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction, divorce and much more. My first book was titled “Love and Mercy” and my second “Cultural Perception of Marriage among Muslim” Over three years I published them with five different publishers and I was not satisfied with their services.

Highly Recommended.
I know many of us Authors have not been pleased by some publishing companies, but here is a Publisher you can trust. ASPIRE PUBLISHING HUB. Tel(888)3999, 139, They are Trustworthy, Honest, Transparent, Reliable, and Helpful.