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In life, we will meet people and create a connection with each other, and that’s where relationships start. Relationships come in different forms, from Friendship, Acquaintance, Family, and Lovers. However, not all relationships are rainbows and butterflies. There are instances when we want to give up or escape, but there are always ways around it that can help with relationships.

Here are two must-read books about relationships that might have the answers that you are looking for;

Muslim Perception of Marriage and Culture: The Institutions of Marriage Sheikh Mohammad Kamaludin


This Book could be described as a teaching manual that every married and prospective married couple should own. In it is the classical explanation of all the Fundamentals of Marriage, Divorce, anger its variance and its management, Case studies, Advice from the people of Knowledge and how to achieve a blissful marriage relationship, drawn from the Scripture’s examples of Prophets, Scholars, and examples and explanations of men and women of knowledge

Sheikh Mohammad Kamaludin was born in Jamaica, grew up in a strict household, finished basic school, and then went to a university to study agriculture (J Y C). He  studied classical music while serving my country for four years in the Jamaica Constabulary Force after graduating. Moved to Great Britain  in 1960 and have stayed ever since. He   studied the science of marriage as an institution as it is founded on the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger. He has also studied psychodynamic counseling.

For the past 45 years, He has worked successfully as a marriage counselor and an imam for H M Prison Service. He  have authored and published five books since 2016, two of which are about family difficulties, including his most recent book, “Muslim Perception of Marriage and Culture,” based on this knowledge and his own experience as a marriage counselor.

The Laws of Relationship: 37 Unexpendable Truths About Relationship That Will Change Your Life Forever

About the Book

Life is a long and painful journey. We don’t have to travel alone or bear all the pain if we know exactly who we want and how to get and keep them. Our work can be much easier, and our burden lighter just by relating differently. Our journey to success will be easier if we know how to reach it through people.

This book will equip you with the skills and techniques required to release from your life the people who are not adding value to you and those impeding you from taking steps or making those changes you need to live a peaceful and successful life. You will learn who, when, and how to let go. You will also learn how to identify the people you need to value and keep. With the right people, your lot in life will get easier and better.

There are simple techniques in this book that will help you gain unique advantages in business, love, and other types of relationships. You will learn how to optimally profit from your relationship with those you need in your life without them feeling used, abused, or manipulated.

Enough with stopping yourself from making progress. Now get out of your way and be most profitable to yourself and society by relating differently to people. Learn the laws and obey them; your life will be more colorful!

About the Author

An educationist, theologian, and most importantly, a good student of human relationships, Eric O. Enejoh is endowed with the unique ability to equip people and help them find their places in life. He is based in Nigeria with his wife, Favor, and two children.

People deal with relationships daily, yet not everyone is in the same circumstances. Regarding relationships, every person has specific questions that require solutions. Some people might be able to talk to someone about their difficulties, but not everyone has that luxury.

To comprehend and learn more about relationships, it is therefore essential for those who genuinely desire to do so—the things they should consider or just read for fun. People care deeply about their relationships. Therefore understanding them helps us know what we should and shouldn’t do to maintain a positive relationship with those we care about.

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