5 Tools That Will Help Writers Succeed

Streamline your writing process with these must-have software tools for authors. Discover how these tools can boost productivity and make managing projects more manageable.

Writing can be an uphill task, but with the right software, it doesn’t have to be. From organizing your notes and drafts to researching topics and collaborating with colleagues, plenty of tools are available to make your writing process easier and more efficient. Discover the best software for authors that will help streamline your workflow and keep your projects on track.

Word Processing Software

When it comes to word processors, there are three main options: Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and Google Docs. Each option has pros and cons, depending on the features you’re looking for. Microsoft Word is often the preferred choice for authors due to its comprehensive feature set and ability to open multiple documents simultaneously. OpenOffice is great if you’re looking for an accessible alternative with powerful formatting tools. Lastly, Google Docs offers an accessible cloud-based editor, which makes collaborating with other authors easy.

Reference Management Software

Reference management software can come in handy when managing multiple bibliographies. EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero are the most popular tools available. Endnote allows you to import references from online catalogs and databases and access them from anywhere with a web-based version. Mendeley also provides an online library to store and share your documents with other authors. Lastly, Zotero’s flexible browser extensions make adding citations quick and easy.

Research Tool 

Whether you’re drafting a novel, essay, or article, save time and energy using one of these research tools. Evernote allows you to store research, organize notes and ideas, and share them in the cloud. OneNote is ideal for taking notes on the go with its intuitive mobile app. Google Scholar lets you search an extensive list of scholarly literature to quickly find relevant articles and sources to cite in your paper. Additionally, all three software tools come equipped with powerful search capabilities that allow users to filter through notes and documents quickly.

Project Management Tool

When managing multiple writing projects, a project management tool is invaluable. Asana, Trello, and Basecamp are all great options for creating tasks, assigning them to individuals or groups of collaborators, and tracking progress in real-time. Integrating these apps into your workflow will help you stay organized, allowing you to focus more time on actually writing instead of trying to remember what needs to be done.

Outlining Tool

Creating an outline for your project can be the first step to staying organized and on track. Scrivener and WriteMapper are popular outlining tools that can divide an idea or story into sections or scenes. This outlining offers a visual approach, making adding details, rearranging elements, and creating cohesive stories easily.


Using tools can certainly aid writers in achieving success. There are various online tools available that can assist with grammar and spelling checks, organization, research, and even inspiration for writing prompts. It’s important for writers to find the tools that work best for them and incorporate them into their writing process.

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