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The overall purpose of the book is to provide indisputable evidence that we can know God as he makes Himself known to us and be divinely guided in this present world. Human interest incidents reveal God’s tender concern for the home and its problems.

My utmost desire is to encourage others to learn God’s ways, and experience him in a very personal way. God can and wants to be a real part of everyone’s life.

As I share my journey through life, you may experience a spiritual journey yourself. I trust the lessons of my life are worth passing on to others. I seek answers to questions many of us ask ourselves. Does God want us to know Him in a real personal way? How do we find Him amidst a life of ups and downs? Is there Someone who cares enough to intervene in our every-day stuff?

(Will He when we ask? Does God really want to be an intricate part of our life? How do we let Him)
“Now I See” gives an eyewitness account of devastating experience that it seemed only God would bring me through. I try to make it clear that to know God is the greatest privilege and need in life.

As you read this book, the intent is that you will also be able to say, “Now I See . . . God has a purpose for everything I encounter in life”

Lynnie Lang is a caring individual who is willing to go above and beyond for others. and to assist people who have troubled souls and require encouragement. I set aside time each day for prayer, bible reading, and quiet time with GOD.


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