A Purple Umbrella


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In a trip that took twenty-five years to complete, Kevin Olson finds Jesus and gets sober. In 1981, freshly married and contemplating his future kid’s names with his new wife, twenty-four-year-old Kevin is involved in a severe electrical explosion while working on an industrial air conditioning unit.

Badly burned and going through a near-death experience, Kevin enters a very dark period of his life that lasts for decades. The visions he experienced at the time of the accident seemed to never end. He went into drug and alcohol addiction and was quite a lost soul until these visions seemed to steer him in the direction of hope and sobriety. His final and most profound vision(or visit ) was by a man widely known as Jesus. He came calling one day in 2005 and let Kevin know in a unique way that he was not facing the world alone. In his own words, Kevin wrote the story contained within A Purple Umbrella and is hoping others may find inspiration from his experiences.

Although this took a while to take, Kevin finally saw the light and began to see also his life as it became and began to make changes. He eventually got clean and sober and remains so today.
Kevin is an aspiring writer who continues to live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of North Texas.


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