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Broken Code of Silence


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It is never wrong to aspire to love or to even set the stage in motion to make someone know you care. Sarah Robertson is just one of the many women who believe this to be true. But sometimes, love comes with a price; some call it a cross never anticipated. It then boils down to one thing, is one willing to endure for the sake of love?

Sarah did not anticipate the pain she would have to go through for loving her boss Trim. She had desired him, had him, and she was about to lose him to another woman as a ransom for a debt his father owed for which neither had knowledge of.

It is hard to describe who MarieStella Obot is in terms of her career. She is multi-faceted and talented in many ways. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Microbiology and pharmaceutical microbiology and master’s degrees in public health and business administration, respectively.

She taught college-level microbiology for many years and worked as a researcher both in academics and in the industry. Besides being a scientist, she enjoys writing, traveling, cooking, and mentoring. She is the author of the novels, A Tramp, Lucile Snap, and T-Bone.


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