Embracing Biological Humanism: Abandoning the Idea of God


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How do you know what you know or what you think you know?

Have you ever wondered why you believe in God, why some people don’t believe in God, or what it means to be religious? How do you answer the question, “Who are you?”
Norman Orr provides new ways to think about these questions and many more in this book that promotes the idea of embracing biological humanism.
He begins by sharing a syllogism that demonstrates God is an idea created by humans and, therefore, not real. Next, he explores when, how, and why humans created the idea of God. He also answers questions such as:

• What are the benefits of abandoning the idea that we are special creatures created by God and replacing that concept with the premise that we are only biological organisms
• What does the cultural artifact of Santa Claus created by humans tell us about the idea of God?
• What is the concept of social constructionism, and how does it relate to the idea of God?

The author also asks who humans are if we are not beings created by God as well as why we must recognize that the brain normally operates on the basis of biases.

NORMAN ORR is retired and enjoys cycling in the Texas Senior Games, where he has won multiple gold medals. He also enjoys flower gardening, writing, and thinking about religion and ethics. With an educational background in theology, history of science, and technical communications, he presents a fresh view of the history and nature of humanity. He has written numerous articles for scholarly publications and lives in Lubbock, Texas, with his wife, Bettie.


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