Flying Fisheries Biologist: Flying Experiences of an Alaskan Fisheries Biologist


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My life long interest in flying took me on many adventures. Flying was an important part of my profession as a Fisheries Biologist in Alaska. The mostly low level flying in Alaska’s bush gave me a chance to fly and fly in a large number of aircraft types with equally varied geography and pilot personalities. I think pilots and non-pilots alike will find my stories interesting, exciting, funny and educational.

Kim Francisco was born to parents who couldn’t agree on his name. Mother wanted him to be Richard after his father. His father wanted Kim after his favorite novel. His Mother thought she won when she filled out the birth certificate. His Father won by always calling him Kim. This all happened at Lutheran Hospital in Des Monies Iowa in 1951. While working on his degree in Wildlife Management at the University of Alaska he began working for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Commercial Fisheries Division in 1973. He continued working for ADF&G until he retired in 1995. He and his wife then roamed North America living out of a pickup and 28’ trailer for two years before settling down on a small farm outside Lucas Iowa in 1998. Kim then volunteered for many organizations including Farm Bureau and the Iowa D.N.R.’s Fisheries Bureau. This resulted in his appointment to the Iowa Natural Resources Commission in 2000 where he continues to serve having been reappointed by governors from both parties. Prior the “Alibi Mike” his first memoir, he wrote a number of technical papers as part of his job. An avid reader and aspiring writer he also sold a magazine article and some photographs. He is working on a second memoir while thinking about a novel.


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