Hydrotherapy: 20 Minutes or Less for Health and Beauty


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Perhaps the most useful water therapy book currently on the market, Hydrotherapy, provides detailed instructions, complete with graphics and QR codes, on a wide variety of water therapy treatments. Almost immediately after utilizing the water therapy techniques contained in Hydrotherapy, you will notice an improvement in both your physical appearance and overall health. Water therapy has long been held as an excellent way to both improve health and retain youthfulness and longevity with minimal effort. Don’t put it off any longer. Pick up your copy of Hydrotherapy and reclaim your youthful appearance and energy!

The author has both taught and worked in many different lifestyle centers that incorporate Hydrotherapy for their clientele since 1990. In 2003, after seeing the marvelous responses to Hydrotherapy and massage, Carola Janiak co-founded Hands-on Medical Massage School in Southern California, offering an Associate of Science degree in Medical Massage, which included Hydrotherapy.

After the author sold the school in 2012, she decided it was time to present to the public a simple yet effective guide to hydrotherapy treatments that nearly anyone can use in their own homes for the treatment of family and friends.


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