I Love Monday Mornings: The Book Every Teacher Was Going to Write!


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Every teacher has said, “I could write a book.”
This teacher did.

Pat James is a self-described “honest-to-goodness old first grade teacher, never gets bored or lonely. She loves to laugh, and she gets excited and scared in all of life’s changes. She would love to welcome you to her world of small, honest people who learn quickly and are very funny. Your own Monday mornings will be better by reading her stories and recalling some of your own experiences in your classroom or in your home.

A teacher for over 30 years, Pat spent 27 years with first graders at El Dorado Elementary in San Antonio, Texas. She is a graduate of Northern Oklahoma College, AS, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, BS, and University of Texas at San Antonio, MA. Her colleagues have named her campus nominee for the Trinity (University) Prize for Excellence in Teaching three times and Campus Teacher of the Year twice. She was also named Elementary Teacher of the Year for the North East Independent School District.

Her more important titles, however, are wife to Jerry for 61 years, mom to Rick in Austin and Julie in Heaven, grannie to Megan, Annika, Brenna, Calleigh, and Troy, and great-grannie to Julia.

She has been privileged to work with children in public and private schools, churches, YMCA’s, and camps. She and Jerry now host a Bible Club of neighborhood children on Thursdays.

This book is a compilation of stories about the adventure of teaching young children by one who feels “called of God” to teach and has found joy in the journey.


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