Remembering Axel


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It’s 1943, and Germany is holding their breath as World War II rages around them. Armies of the Axis Powers are growing ever desperate; the bitter truth that Germany is losing begins to settle over a broken country. Germany needs soldiers. In the wake of the war, fourteen-year-old Axel Heinrich is seen, and the Nazis put their plans for him in motion. Before Axel knows it, his world is ripped from his hands, and everything he once knew is gone. Or is it? As Axel is forced to play the role of a Nazi Gestapo Soldier, questions are discovered that have no answers. The world of the Holocaust flashes before his eyes as he is shown the true colors that Hitler had planned. Forced from German Ghettos to death camps, he witnesses history unfolding around him. His twisted past and true identity are revealed, only proving that being a Nazi was never intended for him. And that Axel’s world was just one big lie.


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