Freedom Comes with Discipline: International Day of Democracy

Freedom Comes with Discipline. It is essential to remember that because we might be free, we should also be disciplined and consider our and others’ well-being.

The International Day of Democracy will be marked annually on September 15, thanks to a resolution passed by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 2007. The purpose of this day is to commemorate the principles that democracy fosters, allowing citizens to make decisions about every area of their lives and encouraging the government’s responsibility to preserve open democracy among all UN Charter members.

 Keep track of how you contribute to our nation’s decision-making processes and support the principles of democracy as you assess your freedoms and the country’s current democratic situation.

Like how we are free to choose our leaders, we are also free to choose which publisher we want to work with within the publishing industry. 

Publishers cannot force writers or authors to publish with them because they will face severe consequences, nor are they allowed to fool them.

Even though we were given the freedom that comes with democracy, there are also limitations of our freedom that most people already know and which everyone must know.

When it comes to writing, we are free to write whatever we want; however, plagiarism is prohibited. Plagiarism is something that can ruin someone else’s future. 

Our freedom comes with disciplining ourselves and being responsible and honest for our actions because they might cause harm to others; sometimes, we don’t notice it, but it significantly impacts other people’s lives.

Small things like plagiarism to you might be the work of other people who were supposed to change their lives.

It’s not rare to know about plagiarism because it often happens in our daily lives, which should stop. After all, the plagiarized work took so much effort for someone to take it away like it was nothing.

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