Pros and Cons of Using the Snowflake Method in Writing

The Snowflake Method is an incredible manner to increase a tale. However, it may additionally show to be the bane of any writer’s existence. It works by taking an hour to jot down a one-sentence precis of your novel, then enlarge it into an entire paragraph, then write a paragraph for every sentence of the primary paragraph. You quickly attain copious tiers of elements and could grow to be with an incredible truss shape to lean on.


1. You Can Immediately Start From Nothing

The first-rate component is that you may begin properly now. No, in addition making plans is required. Just take a seat down and write an unmarried quick sentence that sums up the tale you need to inform and pass from there.

2. You Get To Know Your Characters Well

You’re required to undergo the snowflake procedure time and again once more and ought to cautiously recollect what alternatives your characters could make for their situation. This forces you to increase your character. You’ll grow to be with infinite pages to your characters: Their views, their backstories, their goals, strengths, and flaws. It’s an incredible manner to move on an adventure to find out who your characters really are.

3. You Have A Higher Chance Of Getting A Good First Draft

Due to the acute making plans, you’ll do, your first draft robotically receives a better hazard of popping out as a strong foundation for editing & revision as opposed to a jumbled mess with 1/2 of the plot missing.

4. You Get To Take Advantage Of A Tried And Tested Writing Method

I conflict without clean pointers on the way to pass approximately growing my characters, putting, and plot. The Snowflake Method has been around for decades and has lots of devoted fanatics.


1. Too Much Analysis

It’s smooth to come to be slowed down withinside the info and in no way attain the give up of the strategy planning stage whilst the use of the Snowflake Method. It’s an extended and deep procedure with lots of possibilities of losing your manners. Many days and nights might also additionally skip obsessing over the tiniest info that simply doesn’t sound proper to you but, in the long run, irrelevant. If, however, you steer the course, you’ll have a rock-strong novel plan for your hands.

2. Too Rigid For Free Thinkers

If you like to move off on tangents, beware. The Snowflake Method is a step-through-step procedure guiding you through your complete strategy planning stage. If you don’t nicely adhere to that and lots opt to pants your manner through the writing procedure, you can discover the Snowflake Method to simply be too restrictive.

3. Too Much Patience Needed

It’s an exhausting procedure with incredible praise dangling on the horizon. If you may muster up the persistence to slog through the extra tough elements of making plans for your novel, the Snowflake Method might also additionally simply be the incorrect device for you.

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