The following is a selection of books that you could find interesting. Books full of mysteries and other types of thrills, as well as books that your children can read or listen to while you read them a story before bedtime.

The Last Snow Dragon

The Last Snow Dragon by Diana Winter


About the Book

Torin was stunned. It wasn’t a lizard he had saved but a dragon! There was no way he could secretly hide a dragon for very long, let alone keep a dragon, especially after what the valley had been through in the past. His parents would be furious with him.

Furious parents would be the least of Torin’s worries, for he had just brought home the last snow dragon of the Fae Winter Queen Geal!

Unbeknownst to his parents and brothers, Torin and the snow dragon, Sneachta, set off to the realm of the winter queen Geal. Upon realizing his disappearance, Torin’s family becomes very worried. His brothers, lsandar and Micheál, eventually find him, and the three boys continue their quest to help Sneachta. Their path won’t be easy, though; they must face blizzards, saber tooth cats, and wyverns. To make matters worse, the Faerie of the Dark Night, Dorcha, will try to block their path! Can the boys help Sneachta make it home? Will they survive the Valley of the Dragon’s frozen landscape and Dorcha’s attacks?

Bundle up for adventure and magic and find out as Alsandar, Micheál, and Torin attempt to help The Last Snow Dragon return home!


About the Author

Diana Winter is an artist who has helped craft worlds and characters for online role-playing games. She loves to write and create and, in turn, inspires others to do the same.

The Little Princess

The Little Princess by Ann Pickett


About the Book

When the princess and the giant walked deeper into the forest, she started to see a big bright open field. The princess sees so many different flowers. Pink, yellow, purple, and blue. So many different colors, so many different sizes. It seems to go on for miles.


About the Author

Ann Pickett, and she lives in the small town of Waseca, Minnesota. She is a 42-year-old who has two wonderful children and lots of fur babies. As a single parent, she would make up stories to tell her kids, and one day, she wrote them down and sent it on a whim in hopes that it might get published.

Chosen in the Furnace

Chosen in the Furnace by Christine and Jimmy Robinson


About the Book

What causes clinical depression? Should Christians suffer from clinical depression? Is it wrong for Christians to go to psychiatrists? Are medications for mental or emotional disorders dangerous? Is depending on medical treatments for depression in conflict with faith?

Chris Robinson addresses these questions and more in Chosen in the Furnace. Chris writes of her journey through the labyrinth of clinical depression and relates her difficulties in dealing with the emotional disorder due to strong preconceived ideas. Throughout the book, her husband and coauthor, Jim, provides clinical information about depression and theological insights regarding the Christian faith.

Over the years, Chris has found that God has not always answered her questions quickly and easily. Even so, He has provided sufficient understanding and encouragement that enables her to go on.

Chosen in the Furnace is written so that others who struggle with clinical depression will be strengthened by finding they are not alone in their “furnace of affliction.” With God’s help, they, too, can go on.


About the Author

Chris Robinson has been involved in various church ministries most of her life. She and her husband, Jim, have served in several churches, with over thirty years of pastoral experience. They currently live in Nixa, Missouri.

Vi’s Pie

Vi’s Pie by Beverly J. Olsen


About the Book

Si asks Vi to make him a pie, so she sets out to make the highest, most delicious pie there ever was. Soon Vi is done cooking, and Si can’t wait to eat a piece. But Vi’s high pie could meet with disaster. Can Vi keep the pie from falling? Find out in Vi’s Pie as children learn how to be careful when carrying food. One thing’s for sure: you’ll get more than bargained for with Vi’s Pie.

About the Author

Beverly Olsen is a Registered Nurse. She has two children and seven grandchildren. Her husband is a retired U.S. Navy Captain and Physician.


Limits by Kevin Flegler


About the Book

Does the Bible really reveal the role the government should have in society? In Limits, author Kevin Flegler takes the reader on an examination of God’s purpose for government and how that purpose fits into God’s design for an ordered, ethical, moral, and prosperous society. Using both the Bible and empirical evidence from secular history, Kevin demonstrates that limited government continues the liberation and freedom of mankind and unleashes the tremendous potential of the individual. Limits is a powerful and thought-provoking journey into an understanding of the root of the problems facing society, and a clear picture of the solution.


About the Author

Born and raised on the open plains of western Kansas, Kevin has a spirit as unrestrained and free as the rolling grasslands around him. Strong immigrant roots have instilled him with the determination that the difficult is accomplished right away, while the impossible takes just a little longer. Kevin combines his love of God, country, and history into a classic examination of the nature of man and purpose of government with a burning desire that every person would know the joy of being a self-reliant individual: living free under a limited government.

Empire Knights: The Legendary Aubrey Durrell

Empire Knights by Tony Byram


About the Book

The Legendary Aubrey Durrell is a book about a young man who grew up in Empire, Georgia, a small community in central Georgia. While the Empire is a real place, it is vastly different from the place described in this book. It is a very small community with no more than 400 residents and one lonely caution light that lets you know you are there. At one time, many years ago, Empire had its own school, as did other communities such as Union Hill, Roddy, Chester, Chauncey, and other communities about the same size as Empire, and it was this thought that what if those communities had developed differently and still had their schools today. This story tells how life would have been through the eyes of Aubrey Durrell, a talented young athlete and musician who loves his hometown and takes the values of hard work, faith, and loyalty to family and friends with him wherever he goes in his life. The story follows the life of Aubrey and his teammates, who fight for athletic supremacy with other small communities, especially Union Hill, their biggest rival. We follow him through his college career and his marriage to a girl he met in college. Along the way, he falls in love with his high school sweetheart, who ends up breaking his heart, and deals with life’s struggles and temptations, all while staying true to the values taught by his parents in Empire, Georgia.


About the Author

Tony Byram was raised in the small community of Empire, Georgia, in the 1970s and left in the fall of 1979 to attend college at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Upon graduating from Mercer in 1983, he began a teaching and coaching career that lasted for 36 years. He was a successful high school football and baseball coach for three different high schools in Georgia. No matter where he worked or lived, he never forgot the values of hard work and honesty that were instilled in him in the Empire.

He is married and is the father of two grown children and a proud grandfather to one, so far. It is his sincerest hope that by writing ‘EMPIRE KNIGHTS: THE LEGENDARY AUBREY DURRELL’ he can relate to small towns everywhere and pay tribute to his own upbringing and sense of belonging to someplace special.

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