4 Recommended Books to Read this Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your love for someone special with a thoughtful gift. If your special someone loves to read, why not consider giving them a book that celebrates the season of love? Here are a few books that make great Valentine’s Day gifts:


Teenage Love: Deceit, Hurt and Choices

Looks can be deceiving. Follow an innocent girl as she is lured into a seemingly perfect relationship that leads her down a path filled with lies and pain, darkness and despair.


In a personal manner, Pearl is a wife, mother, grandmother, and church educator passionate about writing for God’s glory and teaching women, children, and youth about God’s love.


Profession-wise, Pearl is a poet, playwright, and author who has published 15 books, including four children’s books. She also owns Kingdom Greeting Cards, a Christian-focused greeting card business.


Pearl’s prayer is that Teenage Love will inspire young girls to put God first in their lives, talk to their parents about their relationships, and recognize the signs if they find themselves being led down an unhealthy path.


Muslim Perception of Marriage and Culture

This Book could be described as a teaching manual that every married and prospective married couple should own. In it are the classical explanations of all the fundamentals of Marriage, Divorce, Anger(its variance and its management), Case studies, Advice from people of knowledge, and tips on achieving a blissful marriage relationship. It is drawn from the Scriptures, taken and compiled from Prophets, Scholars, and examples and explanations from men and women of knowledge.


“Muslim Perception of Marriage and Culture.” hoping  that the benefit of the knowledge gained from this book will bring about a better understanding of the rights and obligations between consenting partners in a married relationship. Wishing it will enable them to enjoy a blissful relationship for themselves, their offspring, their extended families, and the communities, and In sha Allah, a cessation of the constant abuse of battered wives, domestic violence, and divorce.


The Laws of Relationship

Life is a long and painful journey. We don’t have to travel alone or bear all the pain if we know exactly who we want and how to get and keep them. Our work can be much easier, and our burden lighter just by relating differently. Our journey to success will be easier if we know how to reach it through people.


This book will equip you with the skills and techniques required to release from your life the people who are not adding value to you and those impeding you from taking steps or making those changes you need to live a peaceful and successful life. You will learn who, when, and how to let go. You will also learn how to identify the people you need to value and keep. With the right people, your lot in life will get easier and better.


There are simple techniques in this book that will help you gain unique advantages in business, love, and other types of relationships. You will learn how to optimally profit from your relationship with those you need in your life without them feeling used, abused, or manipulated.


Enough with stopping yourself from making progress. Now get out of your way and be most profitable to yourself and society by relating differently to people. Learn the laws and obey them; your life will be more colorful!


The House of Remember When

The House of Remember When focuses on a middle-aged man, Neil Moreland, who is dealing with a broken marriage, a boring job, and an estranged father suffering from dementia. Written in first-person narrative, the story weaves significant life events into his present-day problems as Neil attempts to put his life and family back together. From the beginning, Neil is drawn to an old abandoned home that turns out to be a time portal that allows him to go back in time to relive past moments in his life. With the help of a guide, Dobie, he chooses events that had a significant negative or positive impact on his life and personality. Unlike with a theoretical time machine, Neil is not able to change his actions or the outcome of the previous event, but he is able to review the experience and see it from a new perspective. In the process, Neil is better able to deal with the death of a significant loved one and fill the emptiness in his life. Learning that faith and trust are critical to any relationship, Neil takes one last trip back in time to his wedding day to review his vows to his wife, Rachel.

These books all explore different aspects of love and relationships, and I’m sure your special someone would appreciate any of the titles. I hope this list helps you find the perfect book for your Valentine!


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