The Last Snow Dragon by Diana Winter

Brace yourself for magic and adventure that awaits you in ‘The Last Snow Dragon’ by Diana Winter

A bumpy journey to help The Last Snow Dragon return home

‘The Last Snow Dragon’ is an adventure filled with magic, action, and suspense to help The Last Snow Dragon return home.

The Last Snow Dragon is a fantasy adventure novel by Diana Winter. The story starts out with a young boy named Torin rescuing a dragon. Unfortunately, because of what his valley had been through in the past, there was no way he could secretly hide a dragon for very long, let alone keep it. 

Torin and the snow dragon, Sneachta, set off to the realm of the winter queen Geal. Upon realizing his disappearance, Torin’s family becomes very worried. His brothers eventually find him, and the three boys continue their quest to help Sneachta. Their path won’t be easy, though; they must face blizzards, saber tooth cats, and wyverns. To make matters worse, the Faerie of the Dark Night, Dorcha, will try to block their path!

Can the boys help Sneachta make it home? Will they survive the Valley of the Dragon’s frozen landscape and Dorcha’s attacks?

Bundle up for adventure and magic and find out as Alsandar, Micheál, and Torin attempt to help The Last Snow Dragon return home!

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About the Author

Diana Winter is an artist who has helped craft worlds and characters for online role-playing games. She loves to write and create and, in turn, inspires others to do the same.

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