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Not sure what to read next? Here are book recommendations from Aspire Publishing Hub that you might find interesting.


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is the first book of the Dr. Doobie series. It’s a beautifully illustrated children’s book that touches on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms and explains why it can affect military personnel, war veterans, and their families.

PTSD is an individual condition that has interpersonal effects. It explains triggers, avoidance behaviors, and safety behaviors unique to military personnel and war veterans and how to live with an individual affected by PTSD.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a valuable age-appropriate resource that can encourage open and honest communication to help families deal with mental illness and remove the stigma of seeking help through therapy.

My goal is to impart hope, reassure a parent’s love, and educate individuals about the importance of taking care of their mental health. Mental illness happens when we lose our presence in the present. Mental illness is real, and it is something we do not talk about enough in our communities, families, and relationships. Let’s have a voice and recognize when we need to seek out treatment.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a beautiful addition to any home, therapist’s office, or school library!

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Michael D. Gatson, Ph.D., ACSW, is an expert in military social work and psychology with issues related to military mental health. He currently serves as a Mental Health Clinic Director in Maryland and is involved in the treatment of veterans with chronic combat-related post-traumatic stress disorders and marital issues.

Michael provides clinical supervision to counselors and social workers to help improve their clinical abilities. He also serves as an adjunct college professor and officer in the United States Army Medical Reserve and is a certified volunteer trainer for the American Psychological Association’s (APA’s) HIV Office for Psychology Education (HOPE).


The Church And Identity Theft : Using the Name of Jesus Without Permission

God’s great love for the world and His tender mercy and amazing grace inspired this book to reach out to those who are ignorantly using the name of Jesus without a relationship with Him. In other words, those within the church knowingly and unknowingly commit Identity Theft. He desires that we examine ourselves. Examine the authenticity of our faith and saving knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Do this, and you will not be among those who say,

“Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name…?

Matthew 7:22


Hands Across The Sea

What happens when real talk gets a little too real?

This character-driven saga puts the Office of the Sheriff, known as the Agency, in the crosshairs as Hands Across the Sea delves behind the badge during the transition of their longtime sheriff, Garrison Cottrell, who abruptly retires and passes the torch to his unexpected, hand-picked successor, Commander Brendan Callaghan.

Witness how the Command staffer’s leadership styles, where the rubber meets the road, expose their personal and professional “isms” during kaleidoscopic situations. Gear up for what happens when the door shuts and the dialogue begins – and sometimes, not in that order, especially when the Office of the Sheriff takes on the guise of Peyton Place with handcuffs.

Brian Cook is a retired Alameda County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant with over 14 years in the trenches of the supervisory arena. He received numerous commendations and honors during his 25-plus years career and is currently a member of several writing groups and networks. He lives in Antioch, California, with his wife, Dauphne.


Water From the Rock

Several years ago, I put some of my writings into a little book called Manna for the Journey. Since then, I have committed more thoughts toward writing, and other early writings were not included in the first book. Some writings in this publication are fifty years old, and some were written in 2018.

Several pastors have inspired and challenged me, including Jack, Prince, Brooks Ramsey, James Hatley, Joel Snyder, Roger Lovette, Hal Poe, Mike Smith, Brent Beasley, and Stephen Cook. My early life was inspired by my father, John J. Smith, and A. Scott Patterson.

When my pen starts to write, I sometimes do not know which of these men is the inspiration behind the writing.

The children of Israel needed both manna and water from the rock. I hope these thoughts and musings provide sustenance for your journey through this life.

Andrew Smith graduated from high school in 1950 and joined the Navy. After the end of the Korean Conflict, he began his study in Architecture at Georgia Tech and received his BArch in 1961.

While in college, he became the pastor of a small rural church just north of Atlanta called Dunwoody Baptist. He led the church to make several important and far-reaching decisions.

Contrary to the day’s expectations, he did not feel a call to the professional ministry and began his career in Architecture in 1961. His architectural practice has produced many types of buildings in over twenty states. He now serves as an associate principal with Self Tucker Architects in Memphis, Tennessee.

He married Mary Jo Mynatt in 1953. They have three children, three grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.

They have been members of Second Baptist Church in Memphis since 1968.


Drawn Into Hell

Mississippi, 1964. A state torn apart by bigotry, hate and distrust. In June 1964 “Freedom Summer” sent Civil Rights volunteers into the state to help African Americans register to vote. Three of those workers, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Cheney met a violent end to their lives. This is a story about that tragedy.

As the car with the three civil rights workers approached Meridian, a Ku Klux Klan meeting was being held in the woods of Neshoba County with all members present. They all had their hoods on, a sign that secret plans were on the agenda. One of the men stepped forward and removed his hood. He spoke with authority.

“His kind always comes back for more, and when he does, we’ll be ready for him. We’re organized, and we’ll get him, and he’ll be sorry he ever heard of the great state of Mississippi!” A rebel cheer went up with fists in the air.

Told from the viewpoint of Ben Hawkins, a young white man who wanted to make a difference, the story vividly describes the investigation Ben was pressed into and the Mississippi Burning trial. One KKK member, believing he was upholding tradition, was unwittingly pulled deeper and deeper into the Klan’s evil plans but became a key component in bringing an end to the Klan’s dominance.

Join Don VanLandingham as he describes how one town was Drawn Into Hell.


Starseed Warrior: Omankha, Birth and Rise of a Starseed. Polarity Integration Volume 1

Omankha is a starseed from our galactic neighborhood cluster. His soul combines three fractional souls from three different planets. The Hunta empire is colonizing the 9th sector of our milky way galaxy cluster. Enzo Cobra doesn’t intend to let the mother give birth to Omankha. The child represents an imperial security thread for the empire. With all possible available help Maya can have, from the Alkebulan sisterhood, the Ray Squad, her sisters, and even the feline family, Omankha starseed family, the thriller of trying to keep him alive is breathtaking.

Understanding the origin of the human race from the perspective from which the universal game is originally created is a tremendous eye opener allowing the reader to understand the involvement of our galactic founder in a human and planetary affair.

Thus, the current conflict lies between the Sirians and the Lyrans. The Hunta Empire is the union of multiple groups. The Omicron and Odedicron Drakas, the Alpha and Omega Centauri, the Nicromiton, the Zeta, Manu Mercenaries, the Samites Galactic Federation, the Lyrans, and the Sirians. These are the main group that forms the alliance, including one of the first humanoid races. I will call them human 1.0 from Aldebaran, commonly known as the Braxis. They are all aiming for control, dominion, and power.

Planet Terra has been the center of multiple alterations since its inception; Omankha’s journey definitely unraveled reality and shed light on how souls arrive on our planet and how the galaxy is involved in our internal affairs.

Maya lost her mother just after her birth. The Aquila elite murdered her father under the command of Enzo Cobra, commander in chief of all Alkebulan principalities and sectors. He rules as the iron fist of the Hunta Empire and will not hesitate to destroy anything that opposes or challenges his authority.

The unborn child’s energy signature life force indicates an unprecedented threat to the empire. The child and mother need to be eliminated at any cost. The peace and the survival of the empire depended on it.

Maya, a single pregnant teenager, is on the run for her life and will even initially attempt to terminate her pregnancy because of peer pressure. Apart from her closeness to her sister, Maya is growing from a scared young mother who is confused about her life’s path. She is continually forced onto a self-assured young woman who now knows her place in life and is doing everything to fulfill her destiny.

Shahan Alphael is a multitalented novelist and science fiction writer. Works across multiple disciplines such as; music, wellness, and entrepreneurship. He is exposed to the world of the supernatural at a very early age, thus beginning his soul-searching journey. He could embrace multiple cultures and ways of life through the different countries and places he had the opportunity to travel to. This eventually leads to a broader understanding of life that goes beyond our planet throughout the universe. From the exhaustive journey was born the passion leading to the writing of the book series, “Starseed Warrior”. Birth and rise of a starseed. Omankha. Polarity Integration.


Embracing Biological Humanism: Abandoning the Idea of God

How do you know what you know or what you think you know?

Have you ever wondered why you believe in God, why some people don’t believe in God, or what it means to be religious? How do you answer the question, “Who are you?”

Norman Orr provides new ways to think about these questions and many more in this book that promotes the idea of embracing biological humanism.

He begins by sharing a syllogism that demonstrates God is an idea created by humans and, therefore, not real. Next, he explores when, how, and why humans created the idea of God. He also answers questions such as:

  • What are the benefits of abandoning the idea that we are special creatures created by God and replacing that concept with the premise that we are only biological organisms
  • What does the cultural artifact of Santa Claus created by humans tell us about the idea of God?
  • What is the concept of social constructionism, and how does it relate to the idea of God?

The author also asks who humans are if we are not beings created by God as well as why we must recognize that the brain normally operates on the basis of biases.

NORMAN ORR is retired and enjoys cycling in the Texas Senior Games, where he has won multiple gold medals. He also enjoys flower gardening, writing, and thinking about religion and ethics. With an educational background in theology, history of science, and technical communications, he presents a fresh view of the history and nature of humanity. He has written numerous articles for scholarly publications and lives in Lubbock, Texas, with his wife, Bettie.


The end. You close the book you’ve just finished reading by turning the final page. You collect your thoughts and ask yourself, “What should I read next?” Here are some book suggestions to help you answer that question.

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