A Purple Umbrella by Kevin Olson

‘A Purple Umbrella’ by Kevin Olson Unearths the Path to Enlightenment in the Depths of Life’s Adversity

The path to sobriety and redemption abounds in a moving tale

Kevin Olson’s book, A Purple Umbrella, is about an extraordinary journey of a man’s trip through the twenty-five years it took to find Jesus and get sober.

Kevin Olson fell into a very dark period of his life that lasted for decades. Kevin wanted to share his story of faith and recovery with others. But, he could never have imagined the incredible journey that awaited him. 

In 1981, freshly married and contemplating his future kid’s names with his new wife, twenty-four-year-old Kevin was involved in a severe electrical explosion while working on an industrial air conditioning unit.

The accident changed his life in a way he could never have imagined. The visions he experienced while in recovery were unlike anything he had ever seen. He became addicted to painkillers and alcohol while fighting the voices that would not leave him alone, spending the next 25 years in a near-constant haze. 

In a trip that took twenty-five years to complete, Kevin finally saw the light and started to change his life. His visions of Jesus helped him stay positive and gave him the strength to help others.

Although it took a while—Kevin is sober now.


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About the Author

Kevin is an aspiring writer who continues to live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of North Texas.

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