“Anatomy of Friendship” Author Robert M. Levy Rises as the Best-Selling Author of First Quarter of 2024

Robert M. Levy, author of the memoir Anatomy of Friendship, is off to a good start as he is hailed as the top-selling author for the first quarter of 2024 at Aspire Publishing Hub. His book chronicles his friendship with Charlie, his brother—“or at least the closest thing” they will be to one another—their fishing escapades, and their relationships with one another’s families.

In Anatomy of Friendship, Levy reminisces about the memorable moments in their lives, usually spent through fishing, that deepened their shared connection and understanding of one another. Readers who enjoy the creative nonfiction genre will find themselves immersed as he masterfully unveils his life and the people dear to him in a truthful, heartwarming manner.


Anatomy of Friendship
Robert Levy


Being the best-selling author of the quarter, Levy has nothing but gratitude for Aspire Publishing Hub and the people working with him behind the pages.

“I’ve been delighted with you guys from day one. You’ve been great. You’ve been responsive to all my questions. Shay [literary agent] has been great and I have nothing but good things to say.”

Doors are never closed, too, when it comes to the idea of adapting stories to the silver screen.

“This has been a great adventure… I never expected to do this and it’s kind of fun and interesting and you know, Shay is now working with some guy who has … some interest in making a movie. Like, that’s crazy to me. But even so, I’m delighted, and you know, the kids’ story will come out one of these days too.”

At Aspire Publishing Hub, we’re dedicated to supporting our authors in pushing the boundaries and contributing to the rich world of literature. For Robert M. Levy, being a top-selling author is a delightful present, but he himself is also preparing a gift for his readers.

His upcoming book, Petrov, the Flying Fox, is set to hit the shelves soon!

As always, we are committed to giving our authors the best and most comprehensive services and offering patrons of literature a wide range of selections, from fiction to nonfiction works. For aspiring and published authors seeking a trusted partner in making their literary dreams come true, we welcome you to Aspire Publishing Hub.

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