In Celebration of Children’s Books and Faith: Anna Lea Cannon Expresses Gratitude to Aspire Publishing Hub

Last May, Aspire Publishing Hub proudly unveiled Anna Lea Cannon’s latest masterpiece, “Sweet Fruit: The Palm Tree That Was Touched by Jesus,” a date palm’s charming tale during Jesus’ arrival at Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. This special book stands as a testament to Cannon’s remarkable talent as both an author and educator, whose works are graceful contributions to religious children’s literature.

Exemplifying the power of forgiveness, “Sweet Fruit: The Palm Tree That Was Touched by Jesus” celebrates the lives that Jesus has touched and continues to touch. This theme also rings true for the author herself whose partnership with Aspire Publishing Hub helped her reach a broader audience.

“I’ve been working with Aspire and with Sarah Bhati and just received my complimentary copy of “Sweet Fruit, The Palm Tree That Was Touched by Jesus.” I’m so excited about it and grateful to Sarah for all her work in making this possible.”

Cannon is also the creative force behind “Isaiah Tree: The Olive Tree That Jesus Touched,” a story about an olive tree who hopes to meet Jesus Christ. Both books are now available on Amazon and other bookstores in paperback and ebook formats.

What We Do

At Aspire Publishing Hub, authors like Cannon inspire us to push boundaries and remain committed to helping writers pursue their profession. We nurture creativity and give a platform to stories that resonate deeply with audiences of all ages.

Like Cannon and many other authors that we work with, we are as grateful to them as they are to us. When they entrust their stories to our hands, we consider it a privilege to collaborate with such talented individuals. With the best of our expertise, we bring their visions to life.

Watch Anna Lea Cannon’s testimonial video here:

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