In His Majesty’s Service: L.I.F.E.’s Incredible Adventure


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So you’ve achieved a measure of success. 

Is that all there is? 

Or could there be something more? 

Everybody has a LIFE (Labor, Influence, Finances, Expertise), but how do you live it to the fullest? This improbable special agent may not drop into snake pits or run before a barrage of boulders in his quest for true significance, but like Indiana Jones, this adventurer loves action. From being stranded in Mongolia to influencing a Russian general at the Moscow nuclear missile base, from searching for a lost family treasure in China to running the gauntlet at the Columbia airport, the assignments of this improbable special agent may challenge you to take a whole new look at your own life of significance. Come along as he discovers secrets to the great adventure called life.

Ben Manthei was born in 1955 and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Spring Arbor University in 1977. Ben is the Founder of Redi-Rock International, a retaining-wall licensing company with manufacturers across the world. His involvement in overseas missions has included leading two evangelistic basketball teams to El Salvador. In addition, Ben has served on several international ministry boards, including the Military Ministry Executive Committee of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Ruth Manthei-Wilkey was born in 1956, the youngest of seven children. Her interest in missions led her to work with a missionary in Peru for a year, as well as helping to lead mission trips to Mexico, El Salvador, and Montreal. Ruth earned a Bachelor of Arts in education from Concordia University in Irvine, California, and taught English, Spanish, music, and drama at Harbor Light Christian School. Ruth taught piano for thirty years. She now nurtures the souls of children through writing books.


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