Millie! A Love Story


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Born late December 2004 in Stark City, Missouri, the smallest of a litter. Millie is a full-bred Yorkshire Terrier. She was just three months old when brought home from a pet store in New York City.
Lavalle reminds the reader that this is not a “dog book”. There are hundreds of those about the do’s and don’ts of dog ownership. Millie! chronicles her years living in her new surroundings; the happiness and joy, the unexpected trauma just 7 days after she arrived home and the horrendous months when she lost her eyesight.
Lavalle follows her from the day she became part of the family and the many ways her behavior changed their lives. If you have a dog you probably understand the special bond owners develop for these beautiful creatures. Lavalle contends part of the explanation is because dogs — or any household pet — are completely dependent on us.
He likes to refer to Millie as “best of show”. Follow her as she grows up, spreading joy and love to everyone lucky enough to meet her.

Louis and Roseanne Lavalle, a husband and wife team, have been partners in their print and fulfillment business for over 35 years.
Roseanne possesses an extensive range of communication skills, acquired while working as a Vice President and Senior Account Supervisor at a New York City advertising agency.

Louis has been immersed in the graphics sector since he was 15 years old. He worked as a stonehand in letterpress shops, a linotype operator at a newspaper group, and as an advertising agency production manager. He has written a wide variety of marketing collateral for corporate clients.

Writing Millie! A Love Story, the couple’s first book, has been a cathartic journey of emotional discovery, finding words to express their gratitude for the love and companionship of their beautiful Yorkshire Terrier.


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