It’s Just A Matter of Time: Learning to Wait Patiently for God’s Pre-ordained Plan to Materialize


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We are truly living in exciting times, walking under an open heaven, and many believers are experiencing great moves of God like never before. But as for you, does it appear as if God has forgotten you? Do you witness others come into their own in ministry, marriage, and business, but your dreams and visions have been put on hold? Have you grown weary and simply tired of waiting on God? Stop! Don’t throw in the towel; Don’t give up on God or His promises. All the promises of God are yea and amen in Him. God has a pre-ordained plan for your life. There are keys to unlocking the doors of His promises and a pathway that leads to major breakthroughs in this life. These keys are found in God’s timing and your commitment to faithful processing. In this dynamic book of revelation to purpose and destiny by Bishop Donald L. Smith, you will discover:

  • The Significance of time
  • How to flourish in your set place
  • The Challenge of Good ministry
  • The Power of Agreement
  • The Anointing you possess
  • Seasons of preparation
  • How to wait patiently for the manifestation
  • The tri-fold formula for waiting
  • Unlocking the door to your future
  • Identifying and removing delays to destiny

Bishop Donald L. Smith is the Senior Pastor of the Greater Mount Calvary Christian Churches, Inc. in Manassas and Catharpin, VA. The founder and principal of the Greater Mount Calvary Christian Pre-school and Academy, Founder and Prelate of The Whole Truth Ministries, Inc., and Founder and Professor of the Whole Truth Ministries Bible Institute. Bishop Smith is a native of Black Mountain, NC but now resides in Northern VA with his wife, Meredith.


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