Muslim Perception of Marriage and Culture: The Institutions of Marriage


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My Book could be described as a teaching manual that every married and prospective married couple should own. In it are the classical explanations of all the fundamentals of Marriage, Divorce, Anger(its variance and its management), Case studies, Advice from people of knowledge, and tips on achieving a blissful marriage relationship. It is drawn from the Scriptures, taken and compiled from Prophets, Scholars, and examples and explanations from men and women of knowledge.

I was born in Jamaica, raised by a very strict family, attended primary school, and then studied Agriculture at the (J Y C). After graduation, I did my national service in Jamaica Constabulary Force for four years, where I was taught Classical music. I migrated to the U.K. in 1960 and have remained here ever since. I have studied Psychodynamic Counselling and the science of the Institution of marriage based upon the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger. I have been a successful marriage counselor and an Imam for H M Prison Service for the past forty-five years. Based upon this knowledge, plus my personal experience as a marriage counselor, I have written and produced five books since 2016, two of which relate to family issues, including my latest book, “Muslim Perception of Marriage and Culture.” I hope that the benefit of the knowledge gained from this book will bring about a better understanding of the rights and obligations between consenting partners in a married relationship. I hope it will enable them to enjoy a blissful relationship for themselves, their offspring, their extended families, and the communities, and In sha Allah, a cessation of the constant abuse of battered wives, domestic violence, and divorce.

Sheikh Mohammad Kamaludin

Author and Marriage Counselor


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