The Laws of Relationship: 37 Unexpendable Truths About Relationship That Will Ch


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Life is a long and painful journey. We don’t have to travel it alone or bear all the pain if we know exactly who we want and how to get and keep them. Our work can be much easier, and our burden lighter just by relating differently. Our journey to success will be easier if we know how to reach it through people.

This book will equip you with the skills and techniques required to release from your life the people who are not adding value to you and those impeding you from taking steps or making those changes you need to live a peaceful and successful life. You will learn who, when, and how to let go. You will also learn how to identify the people you need to value and keep. With the right people, your lot in life will get easier and better.

There are simple techniques in this book that will help you gain unique advantages in business, love, and other types of relationships. You will learn how to optimally profit from your relationship with those you need in your life without them feeling used, abused, or manipulated.

Enough with stopping yourself from making progress. Now get out of your way and be most profitable to yourself and society by relating differently to people. Learn the laws and obey them; your life will be more colorful!


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