Neutralizing The Power Of Fear: How To Subdue Your Fears And Make Them Harmless


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Whether you are an individual or an organization, you have what it takes to weaken and even destroy the power of any fear. Neutralizing the Power of Fear shows how Christian counseling can help you neutralize worries and discover and pursue a path to hope and genuine happiness. A minister and a counselor for more than twenty-five years, Dr. Casalnnie O. Henry discusses the origins and true definition of fear and explores the immense power that fear holds over the human race. He shares insights on how certain societies manage their fears and on the religious dilemma that faces Protestants in America. Offering a therapeutic response to anxiety that will help you take control of your life again, Dr. Henry will teach you how to use Christian principles and scripture to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of intimacy
  • Recognize the categories of fear
  • Overcome personal and corporate fear
  • Resolve differences

Neutralizing the Power of Fear provides the tools and guidance for anyone who is eager to live a faith-filled, fear-proof life.

Dr. Casalnnie O. Henry is a minister who has counseled individuals and families for more than twenty-five years and has worked in corporate, higher education, and nonprofit environments. He has an MBA and two doctorates in Christian Counseling Psychology. Dr. Henry is married with three children and resides in Texas.



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