What Dog Lovers Know About God: Book 2


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For the cover of my first What Dog Lovers Know About God, I used a picture of Lyssie, who was my first cocker spaniel and who lived with me for nearly twenty years. In that photo, she looked as if she were listening to Jesus, and I have absolutely no doubt that she is with Him now. The picture on this sequel’s cover is of Annie on the left and Gracie on the right, posed as if they are in class, eager to learn something. As any dog lover knows, however, dogs usually teach the owner more than the owner teaches the dogs. Through the invaluable relationship between a dog lover and a beloved dog, there is a lot of teaching and learning going on. The title of their class should be GOD 101: Introduction to God’s love. After all, “dog” is “God” spelled backward, so it is no small wonder there is a correlation between the two; both give unconditional love, and where else in the universe can you find that?

Dr. Brenda Ayres has been teaching British literature for nearly forty years and currently teaches graduate courses online for Liberty University. To date she has published 75 books, most of them scholarly and focused on eighteen- and nineteenth-century American and British literature. This is her second sequel of What Dog Lovers Know About God, with the hope that she will publish eight more sequels.


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