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Does the Bible really reveal the role government should have in society? In Limits, author Kevin Flegler takes the reader on an examination of God’s purpose for government and how that purpose fits into God’s design for an ordered, ethical, moral, and prosperous society. Using both the Bible and empirical evidence from secular history, Kevin demonstrates that limited government continues the liberation and freedom of mankind and unleashes the tremendous potential of the individual. Limits is a powerful and thought-provoking journey into an understanding of the root of the problems facing society, and a clear picture of the solution.

Born and raised on the open plains of western Kansas, Kevin has a spirit as unrestrained and free as the rolling grasslands around him. Strong immigrant roots have instilled him with the determination that the difficult is accomplished right away, while the impossible takes just a little longer. Kevin combines his love of God, country, and history into a classic examination of the nature of man and purpose of government with a burning desire that every person would know the joy of being a self-reliant individual: living free under a limited government.


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