The hAndbook of SEXUALITY


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Have you ever wondered what these terms really mean?

Do you think you may be dating one of them and need help? Find out why you were thrown off by the person’s sexuality- not just their looks, charm, or money.
Are you really dating a prude and wondering why there is no passion? Is he just a slut, there to take advantage of what you have to offer?

The hANDBOOK of SEXUALITY explores these dysfunctional sexualities. We journey together, with a little bit of laughter, to identify the different sexualities and help guide you toward the healthy sexualities.

Dr. P.Y. Sun is a physician/therapist with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Sun is trained in family systems, analysis, and pastoral counseling. She started SUN Therapeutic Medicine as a branch of medicine that deals less with fighting and more with healing.

She is the published author of The TRUE Face of Health Care Reform: A Physician and Patient’s Perspective. She appeared on numerous radio shows promoting her book and was endorsed by the radio hosts as the physician, they would go to if she were in their town.

Dr. Sun has also published in numerous medical research fields, including gynecological and dermatological. She has spoken to hundreds in forums and actively promoted her book in intimate settings. Please contact her at pysunmdmdiv@hotmail.com if you would like information on speaking engagements, on her practice – SUN Therapeutic Medicine, or her writing. Her first book, The TRUE Face of Health Care Reform, is available on Amazon, Kindle, Author House, and Barnes and Noble.


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