My Grandma: Grandma’s Life in France


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This book with colorful illustrations is intended for young children, be they toddlers or able to read for themselves. It is the first in a series aimed at educating children about life in other countries, focusing on animals and flora. The pictures are realistic paintings done by the author, some in oils and others in watercolors, following her travels to interesting places in the world. The idea arose from the fact that the author lives in France, and her grandchildren live in England. She wanted the children to realize that life can be quite different in other countries and that their food, flora, and fauna can be exotic.

Grace McKee is a retired medical practitioner who grew up in India, worked in the UK and USA, and now lives in France. Retirement from her career in pathology was followed by immersion in art, which is now her second career. She has traveled widely, not only to teach pathology but also to holiday and paint in faraway places.

She is the sole author of 5 medical textbooks, was co-editor of another, and a contributor to several others. She also wrote a book on the adventure of buying a house in France.

Retirement meant spending more time with the grandchildren, especially the youngest, who is at that interesting stage where he is curious about everything. Hence, the creation of a series of illustrated educational books for small children.
Grace’s hobbies include reading, photography, and her passion – painting.


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