Reflections: A Woman Fulfilled


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This is a book of deep soul searching poems that will allow you to see who and where you are in life. It will help you find your place and recognize the areas in your life that needs attention, and also help you to address them. It allows you to see what to expect in a healthy as-well-as an unhealthy relationship.

This book is written in behalf of all the women and young ladies who have been hurt, betrayed, deceived, abused, neglected, and raped by society. We need a healing and renewing of our minds.

What we have suffered and been through is not who we are. It’s now time to take ownership of our lives and move forward. Right now is the time to live. It’s not ok just to be alive.

I have been through a lot of hurt and disappointment. I have been deceived, abused, neglected, and misused. For a long time I thought I just did not deserve anything better. I began to realize that I am somebody. I deserve the best. I realize that people only treat you the way you allow them to treat you. We can’t disrespect ourselves and then expect others to respect us. Love yourself first and then you can understand and know how to be loved.


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