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Scrapping With The Mob


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Scrapping With The Mob describes the adventures of recent college grad Johnathan Michaels as he goes to work for a scrap metal dealer and how he finds himself entangled with a Las Vegas mob-run casino and all the dangers that come with the territory.

A Midwestern transplant, Johnathan discovers that there are many opportunities to do what is right and wrong when he lands his post-college job, an opportunity that could prove too good to be true. As the plot unfolds, the characters and situations he encounters become more outlandish and life-threatening until Johnathan finds himself at a crossroads.

Doug Beaver has a Journalism Degree and has written for both newspapers and news radio. He worked in the Scrap Metal and Demolition business for over 20 years, where he experienced firsthand some of the things he mentions in the book. He currently owns a business and wrote the book so people would know how things were before computers and the internet when a pager and a pay phone were quick communication.


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