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Thou Shalt Kill


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In 2032, America is bordering on financial collapse after engaging in a 7th conflict in Iraq. On the home front, the president has provided funding for stem cell research, but medical success is overshadowed after corporate greed intervenes. The intention to benefit those with the greatest need for this knowledge quickly disappears as the replication process is used to clone all major organs.

With the advent of cloning, the inevitable occurs when America’s population reaches the saturation point. A chip is now implanted into all citizens, which signals when someone reaches the mandatory age of death. Years left on someone’s chip are for sale, and the hunt for new chips is on. Meanwhile, overseas, the war rages, where people die irrespective of age.

Lieutenant Roger DeMarco must put an end to the murder of entire innocent Iraqi villages by those who would harvest the enemy and civilians alike while packs of flesh-eating rats consume the carcasses. Doctors are caught on opposing sides of science and greed. A reality TV star becomes a worldwide interest when he trades his chip to die in a parade of hedonism. Progress, profit, and morality collide with stunning ferocity as America must evolve or die.

Tom P. Brown is a physician with twenty years of military service in the Marines and Navy.
He has firsthand combat experience and has deployed to the Middle East on both land-based and aircraft carrier operations.


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