Spirituality and Promoting Health


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It is never wrong to aspire to love or to even set the stage in motion to make someone know you care. Sarah Robertson is just one of the many women who believe this to be true. But sometimes, love comes with a price; some call it a cross never anticipated. It then boils down to one thing, is one willing to endure for the sake of love?

This book presents spiritual healing from a health promotion perspective. Spiritual healing and spiritual care amongst health professionals are often overlooked in favor of the physical aspect. The person who requires healing and the person who administers healing are spiritual beings regardless of whether they believe in a superior being, whether they are religious or just scientific.

Many people’s eyes light up when spiritual healing is mentioned, and many people think of spiritual healing from different dimensions. In this text, Spiritual healing from a Christian and a cultural perspective is explored, and the author makes some recommendations to integrate a more inclusive approach amongst health professionals and Christian churches.


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