Move Forward in Grace


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Melvin was born in Kansas City, Kansas, the third child of Billial and Doris Coe, in the community known as Argentine. He Graduated High School in the late 60’, played college basketball and, through a series of positive career opportunities, became an Investigative Television Reporter for a local Kansas City TV station. His experiences include Christian Radio talk show host and prayer counselor for a number of churches. He loves to fish and is an avid reader.

Melvin has some unique and fascinating experiences that led him to Texas, where he worked in the Aerospace industry and from there to Arizona, again in the Aerospace industry as a Vice President of Human Resources. Although ostracized for his Faith at times, Melvin has remained dedicated to the leading of God’s Voice and, as a result, a revelation of Glory few have received.

In Arizona, Melvin was visited by the Holy Spirit and given a “Timely and crucial, End Time Word,” which promises to ignite a fire of revival worldwide. Melvin’s experiences are unparalleled and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Move Forward in Grace is a story of the supernatural path of a man who dared God to give him answers.
I invite you to read it for yourself.


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