Treatment Is Not The Answer To Drug Addiction: Divine Secret To Living A Drug Free Life


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If there is one thing that working more than fifteen years at a drug treatment centre taught Damilola Success, it’s this: Drug treatment does not work.

Treatment centres will only help you reduce the number of drugs you are taking; in some cases, you may end up addicted to government-approved drugs without realizing it. You become addicted to legal drugs because those are the ones approved by the health authorities.

Whether you are using legal or illegal drugs, many times, the result of drug addiction is death, which is a way Satan always used to welcome more people into his kingdom. Satan wants us to waste our time on earth, spending money on drug treatments that do not work.

To overcome drug addiction, you must treat the spirit first—and you can do so without spending a dime. Find out how to do it and make true progress on your road to recovery with the guidance in Treatment is Not the Answer to Drug Addiction.

I have spent many years working in a drug addiction treatment centre, and I strongly believe that traditional drug treatment does not work. God has put it in my heart to help drug addicts to know that life is spiritual. The spirit world controls the physical world, and I believe God wants me to help all His children overcome drug addiction or any form of addiction they may be struggling with. ALL DRUG ADDICTS NEED A DIVINE INTERVENTION.


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