Chosen in the Furnace


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What causes clinical depression? Should Christians suffer from clinical depression? Is it wrong for Christians to go to psychiatrists? Are medications for mental or emotional disorders dangerous? Is depending on medical treatments for depression in conflict with faith?

Chris Robinson addresses these questions and more in Chosen in the Furnace. Chris writes of her journey through the labyrinth of clinical depression and relates her difficulties in dealing with the emotional disorder due to strong preconceived ideas. Throughout the book, her husband and coauthor, Jim, provides clinical information about depression and theological insights regarding the Christian faith.

Over the years, Chris has found that God has not always answered her questions quickly and easily. Even so, He has provided sufficient understanding and encouragement that enables her to go on.

Chosen in the Furnace is written so that others who struggle with clinical depression will be strengthened by finding they are not alone in their “furnace of affliction.” With God’s help, they, too, can go on.

Chris Robinson has been involved in various church ministries most of her life. She and her husband, Jim, have served in several churches, with over thirty years of pastoral experience. They currently live in Nixa, Missouri.


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