What Dog Lovers Know About God


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What have dog lovers learned or can learn about God through their relationships with canines? Plenty, especially when the Lord is the trainer. What Dog Lovers Know About God consists of an easy-to-read, entertaining narrative about experiences with dogs that are full of spiritual lessons sure to benefit the individual reader and/or a Bible study group. Through stories about losing a pet and about rehabilitating rescued dogs, this book explains how to cope with death and loss, have a relationship with God, be confident in one’s salvation, be freed from those things that bind us, learn to trust God, study the Bible, do spiritual warfare, identify our true enemy, become more like Jesus, hear God, know His will, appreciate fellowship, endure and understand suffering and trials, embrace our own rehabilitation, have patience through training, love the leash, live in dog-wagging joy, and best of all, know God’s, unconditional love.

Currently retired from full-time residential teaching, Dr. Brenda Ayres continues to teach online graduate courses in British literature for Liberty University. To date, she has published 70 scholarly books and over 400 articles and chapters. Besides the Lord, her greatest blessings have been four cocker spaniels: Lyssie, Gracie, Annie, and Libby.


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