The Battle For The Isle of Ree


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The tale of Bar and Dare’s breathtaking adventures continues in the Battle for the Isle of Ree. The underground and many lost tribes who have rescued the young warriors repeatedly realize they must take up arms to overthrow King Bardock’s wicked reign. Awful creatures and terrible beings created by an evil sere join the fight. The ruthless king and the brutal sect of Choack have become too powerful and must be stopped. Bar and Dare are joined in the raging conflict by many young warriors labeled the Pack. The Pack becomes famous throughout Ree for their exploits, and the oppressed citizens begin to believe in an ancient prophecy. They hope one day, they will be free of the king’s corrupt reign.

PJ Thompson lives with her husband of 55 years in beautiful Denver, Colorado. They have three married children and eight grandkids. PJ and her husband are retired and enjoy traveling. She has a BA degree in Sociology, Psychology, and Social Work from Oklahoma University. PJ has published the Isle of Fire and Ice(Book 1) and The Battle for the Isle of Ree(Book 2). Tolkien’s trilogy started her love for the fantasy genre. It was her joy to write these fantasy novels about two young men, Dare and Bar, who are caught in an exciting adventure that sweeps them toward fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Once, long ago, on an isle of fire and ice, there existed a prophecy of hope in a land darkened with despair. “In that time when wickedness holds full sway, two shall stand in evil’s way. Uriisis and wolf marked this pair; ancient marked swords will bear. Their appearance will display the Maker’s mercy on that day.” So the adventure begins! Impossible to put this tale down!


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