The Summit in the Horizon


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The Summit in the Horizon is an anthology of poems written by the author on subjects of nature, notable persons, personal reflections, and daily experiences. The title was chosen to signify the importance of realizing that a summit or point of achievement or success always exist regardless of the degree of hardship or suffering. There is always hope so we should never choose hopelessness.

Christiana Guarino began writing poetry and short stories while in elementary school. She has won numerous awards for her works, including becoming a winner in the 2007 National Academic Decathlon as “Most Inspirational.” She is the author of the book,”Rising Sunrise,” and co-author of “Road and Reminiscences,” “Upon the Stars,” and “Flower in Bloom.”

Dr. Linda Sue Mata is an amateur poet who enjoys writing poetry in her spare time. She is co-author of several books with her teenage daughter, Christiana: Roads and Reminiscences, Upon the Stars, Flower in Bloom, and Evening Shadows. She received bachelor’s degrees from The University of Central Oklahoma and Pacific Lutheran University. She also holds Masters degreesfrom The University of Oklahoma and City University. She also holds a doctorate from Capella University and the author of the book “Understanding Workplace Bullying.” She has received numerous awards from the International Society of Poetry.




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