Thoughts on Life in Rhyme & Sculpture: End of an Era


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Life’s no more than a balancing act, with each of us on stage. No rights or wrongs, ifs, ands, or buts; we react and turn the page” writes poet Dennis Gray. His newest collection of THOUGHTS ON LIFE in Rhyme & Sculpture range from celebration to condescension of culture, environment and the human predicament – focusing on the ostensible purposes and motivations in life and society, mostly from a 20,000 foot perspective. His thoughts reveal the complexities, joys, and tribulations of relationships, business, politics, and the American economy, while finding one’s purpose amidst the craziness and uncertainty of life in our times.

His collection of 39 poems and 15 sculptures (from a gallery exceeding 100) comprise observations, concerns and queries posed during the several years both preceding and following the Millennium, many of which portend overwhelming consequence as populations expand, resources shrink, with our civilization becoming ever increasingly complex. After posing some dark and troubling Thoughts in the first grouping of poems (“THE MEANING OF LIFE”), then sharing some relatively optimistic and positive perspective in the second group (“PURSUING THE PURPOSE”), Dennis reflects on some of life’s truest joys and realities (“THE WONDERS, THE BUMMERS”), before thoughts related to the generational transition of 21st century culture (“END OF AN ERA”).

His poetry gives much hope and inspiration, as he implores people to move beyond their innate tendencies toward selfishness and material greed, and to enhance their compassion and love for their fellow man and for simply being. Thoughts on Life in Rhyme & Sculpture is an original, refreshing, and sometimes disconcerting look at life by an artist of great insight, wit, and empathy.

Having probed our structure and processes from venues on four continents, during peaceful moments while sailing, diving, skiing and on horseback; during chaotic moments in planes, taxis, concert halls, schoolrooms and boardrooms; interspersed with working, parenting, partying and journeying; the poetry of Dennis Gray is an original and refreshing, while often disconcerting, perspective on the paradoxes in our world.

Dennis Gray earned his master’s degree in Business Administration from Northwestern University and has worked as an educator, rock and jazz musician, CPA, celebrity Business Manager, corporate executive, business consultant, and mediator to wealthy and often dysfunctional people. He lives in Southern California, presently balances his life with family including grandchildren, business consulting & mediation, playing classic rock keyboard, sculpting and creative writing.


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