The World Anew


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“In THE WORLD ANEW, Paul Zecos defies both the religious right, which bases its institutions, laws and politics on the theory of “redemptive revenge,” and the political left, which all too often espouses freedom from — rather than through — faith. In doing so, Zecos takes up where theologian Walter Wink leaves off… exploring, with iron-clad reason, the formation of Eden-like societies where spiritual faiths finds common ground in a paradigm of peace and cooperation. Given the depth of his research, in addition to the timeliness and timelessness of his theories, THE WORLD ANEW should be required reading for anyone studying or teaching theology.”

-Ronnie Friedman-Barone
Henry Luce Fellow in Urban Ministry, Harvard Divinity School

The World Anew, 2006, is the only book that both predicted and outlined the precise course corrections authorities should have taken to prevent “The Great Recession” from ever transpiring. On page 429 The World Anew states: “reduce the leverage, (by) increasing the capital reserve requirements of Banks to reduce the probability of an economic collapse.” Authorities did ultimately increase the reserve requirements of banks, thereby ending the economic crisis by penning the Basil III accord; four tragic years subsequent to Zecos’s recommendations.
The World Anew also explicitly and correctly identified the hollowing of the U.S economy causing the recession, to the hypocritical, domination driven China stating: “The Chinese Communist Party, CCP, is the primary threat to the U.S.” The trade deficit with China is not corrected by currency market forces. On page 430 it states: “Increase import tariffs—preferably from all democracies—on goods from China. If this is not done in two years it may be too late.”

During the last 17 years, over $ 5 trillion has been transferred from the U.S. to China, beyond the intellectual property theft by the Chinese. Still, in 2022, about $400 billion of US wealth was transferred to the fully dictatorial, Communist China, now in high technology also, causing a recessionary trend in the U.S. “Increased Import tariffs on Chinese goods (and services),” were and are still strongly recommended, with a sub-section explaining its reasoning starting on page 305, in Section III, about politics and economics.
The World Anew, in 2006 noted: “The distancing of Russia from the West, after Russia moved to democratize, while China did not, may prove to be the most tragic error of American foreign policy of the last three Administrations. These policies have set the foundations not of Peace but for apocalyptic destructions.” (p. 326.)

Section I, shows the Harmony of the teachings of the foundational documents of the seven global religions, to reduce the huge hypocrisy of humans—manifested blatantly in the highest echelons of organized religions, politics, the multinationals, media, acting lying idols, medicine, and law—which is the primary problem of humanity. Unless demilitarized, Independent nations are established in contested regions, as in East Ukraine, and one small Independent, Disarmed Emancipated Nation, an E.D.E.N., is established in an uncontested area within the U.S., and within each nation, for the truly committed to non-violence and Peace, hypocrisy veiled barbarism will keep dominating so that each and all humans will remain exiled, bound to destruction and death.

Section II, is about Science in which a Theory of Super Symmetry of all four known and proven forces of the Universe, in 11 dimensions, explains the until now, not identified seven dimensions, acted on by the three quantum forces that emit light, Electromagnetism, Weak, Strong, whose equations contain the imaginary square root of -1, i, operating through images, in the imaginations of the living.


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