Third Librarian Detective Series


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A thrilling journey with two heart-pumping detective stories, where librarians work in a library and use their skills to take down criminal kingpins and their nefarious empires. This is the third installment in the pulse-racing librarian detective series, featuring librarian crimefighters who stop at nothing to bring down the kingpins and their evil plans.

The stories include a high-stakes tale of a doctor and former green beret who comes out of retirement to rescue a friend captured by terrorists and a nail-biting story of new CIA operatives, assigned by the newly elected President of the United States, who are in a race against time to track down and stop an assassin who killed the previous President. The new vice president, now President, is determined to find the assassin and uncover a larger conspiracy at any cost.

The author takes a new direction by writing a synopsis of a new detective story in the next book in the series.
Get ready to be on the edge of your seat with the Bobby Cinema Third Librarian Detective series!

Bobby Cinema is autistic. His family is from India, and he is the first family member born in America. He graduated from Maryville High School in 1998 and graduated from college at Northwest Missouri State University in 2004. He lived in Los Angeles for three years, trying to have his book turned into a movie. But he has been rejected for a long time. He has written this book and dedicated it to his niece, Lakeh Chavala. Sylvester Stallone is his hero. He wrote 20 movie scripts and three books. This is his first book to be out in bookstores.


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