Lizard in a Blizzard: The Lezard Family Chronicles


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Join our hero Lazarus L├ęzard as he travels to the gold fever and madness of the 1890’s Frozen Far North Country.
This adventure changes his life of petty crime on the streets of New York, to becoming a peacekeeper respected worldwide for his courage and honor.

The gold strikes in the wild and wooly Klondike Region of Canada and Alaska bring him together with many historic Characters.

As he travels thousands of miles by Train, Steamship, River Raft, Dog Sled and even his clawed feet he becomes lifelong friends with an interesting cross section of characters that inhabit the Wild West. These rugged individuals, both men and women, fought and struggled to scratch out their fortunes against horrendous odds.

  • KLONDIKE KATE: Dancehall owner and entertainer ALEXANDER PANTAGES: Klondike Kate’s boyfriend and business partner. He went on to build the world famous Pantages Theaters
  • BELINDA MULROONEY: Became the richest woman in the Yukon
  • JACK LONDON: Famous Adventure writer
  • SOAPY SMITH: Conman and Criminal
  • SAMUEL STEELE: Head of the Canadian Royal Mounties for the Yukon District
  • Wild West Lawmen and Famous American Indians Inuit Indians of the Far Frozen North

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