Starseed Warrior: Omankha, Birth and Rise of a Starseed. Polarity Integration Volume 1


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Omankha is a starseed from our galactic neighborhood cluster. His soul combines three fractional souls from three different planets. The Hunta empire is colonizing the 9th sector of our milky way galaxy cluster. Enzo Cobra doesn’t intend to let the mother give birth to Omankha. The child represents an imperial security thread for the empire. With all possible available help Maya can have, from the Alkebulan sisterhood, the Ray Squad, her sisters, and even the feline family, Omankha starseed family, the thriller of trying to keep him alive is breathtaking.
Understanding the origin of the human race from the perspective from which the universal game is originally created is a tremendous eye opener allowing the reader to understand the involvement of our galactic founder in a human and planetary affair.

Thus, the current conflict lies between the Sirians and the Lyrans. The Hunta Empire is the union of multiple groups. The Omicron and Odedicron Drakas, the Alpha and Omega Centauri, the Nicromiton, the Zeta, Manu Mercenaries, the Samites Galactic Federation, the Lyrans, and the Sirians. These are the main group that forms the alliance, including one of the first humanoids race. I will call them human 1.0 from Aldebaran, commonly known as the Braxis. They are all aiming for control, dominion, and power.

Planet Terra has been the center of multiple altercations since its inception; Omankha’s journey definitely unraveled reality and shed light on how souls arrive on our planet and how the galaxy is involved in our internal affairs.

Maya lost her mother just after her birth. The Aquila elite murdered her father under the command of Enzo Cobra, commander in chief of all Alkebulan principalities and sectors. He rules as the iron fist of the Hunta Empire and will not hesitate to destroy anything that opposes or challenge his authority.

The unborn child’s energy signature life force indicates an unprecedented threat to the empire. The child and mother need to be eliminated at any cost. The peace and the survival of the empire depended on it.

Maya, a single pregnant teenager, is on the run for her life and will even initially attempt to terminate her pregnancy because of peer pressure. Apart from her closeness to her sister, Maya is growing from a scared young mother who is confused about her life’s path. She is continually forced onto a self-assured young woman who now knows her place in life and doing everything to fulfill her destiny.

Shahan Alphael is a multitalented novelist and science fiction writer. Works across multiple disciplines such as; music, wellness, and entrepreneurship. He is exposed to the world of the supernatural at a very early age, thus beginning his soul-searching journey. He could embrace multiple cultures and ways of life through the different countries and places he had the opportunity to travel to. This eventually leads to a broader understanding of life that goes beyond our planet throughout the universe. From the exhaustive journey was born the passion leading to the writing of the book series, “Starseed Warrior”. Birth and rise of a starseed. Omankha. Polarity Integration.


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