Three Princess Series


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Three Princess Series are three stories from three different princess from the modern time.
First Princess Serena who is from an Albanian royal family is an Anaheim Angels baseball fan. She falls in love with a nerdy pitcher John Mackey who plays for the baseball team.

Second Princess Amy’s father is a British duke and a cousin to Queen of England and the twentieth line to the throne. Princess Amy is trying to save her father’s oil company in England. That is how they became wealthy. An evil lord wants to marry Amy and take his father’s crown and his money. However, Amy falls for a nerdy fat librarian who helps her save her father’s crown.

Third Princess Lorelai Rosenberg who was nicknamed the Princess of the Water was a successful supermodel and an Olympic gold medalist who owns a Rec Center and teaches a nerdy librarian who has not been inside the lake or pool since his father died.

Bobby Cinema is autistic. His family is from India and he is the first member of his family who was born in America. He graduated in Maryville High School in 1998 and graduated from college at Northwest Missouri State University in 2004. He lived in Los Angeles for three years trying to sell his movie in the big screen. He had an eight-year struggle trying to sell his movie and his book. But he has been rejected for a long time. He has written this book and dedicated it for his niece, Lakeh Chavala. Sylvester Stallone is his hero. He wrote 20 movie scripts and three books. This is his first book to be out in the bookstores.


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