Chosen in the Furnace by Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson’s ‘Chosen in the Furnace’ Seeks to Help Fellow Christians to Overcome Mental Struggles

Insightful and revealing at every point


Jim Robinson delivers raw insight in the form of enlightening answers to the questions that trouble the minds of those struggling with emotional and mental issues.

In the book “Chosen in the Furnace,” Chris Robinson responds to a number of concerns pertaining to mental and emotional instability. Chris speaks on her experience navigating the maze of clinical depression, and she discusses the challenges she faced in coping with the emotional disorder as a result of her strong preconceived notions. Jim, her husband, and co-author of the book provides both clinical facts concerning depression as well as theological insights surrounding the Christian faith throughout the entirety of the book.

Chris has discovered, over the course of her life, that God does not always provide straightforward and simple responses to the issues she has asked. Despite this, He has shown enough understanding and encouragement for her to proceed with her plans.

‘Chosen in the Furnace’ will help readers who deal with severe depression take comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone in their battle to overcome their harsh, inner critics. Readers, too, can move forward in life with God’s helping hands.

‘Chosen in the Furnace’ is available for purchase in paperback and e-book formats. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn more about self-help and overcoming your inner voices.

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About the Author

Chris Robinson has devoted a significant portion of her life to serving in numerous religious missions. Both she and her husband, Jim, have over thirty years of combined experience as pastors in a number of different congregations where they have served.  They currently live in Nixa, Missouri.

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